Agriculture Biostimulants

Agriculture Biostimulants

We manufacture seaweed based Agricultural Biostimulants. We currently offer products in liquid, gel and granular form used for basal application, foliar spray and drip irrigation.

Our products are used countrywide irrespective of type of soil to increase yield and improve quality of harvest in crops such as paddy, banana, grape, mango, turmeric, coconut, tea, coffee, pepper, vanilla, vegetable plants and flowers.

Competitive Advantage

Tested in leading Agricultural universities in India.

End product is a Live system containing micro-organisms & blue green algae, which gives better plant yields.

Registered under FCO (Fertilizer Control Order) as a Biostimulant

Proven Benefits Of Agriculture Biostimulant


● Increases yield
● Increases fruits per plant
● Increases size and weight of grains and fruits
● Increases number of branches / number of leaves
● Increases root length & plant height
● Reduces fruit & flower fall
● Improves quality of product & shelf life
● Greater resistance to stress and adverse environmental conditions
● Improves soil structure and soil water retention capacity

Product Overview

Our Agriculture Biostimulants are extracted purely from seaweed. It contains macro, micro and secondary nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals naturally present in seaweed.

It also contains many different varieties of beneficial bacteria which act as a microbial inoculant in the soil.

  • EM or Effective Microorganisms refer to both Aerobic & Anaerobic beneficial bacteria such as Photosynthetic Bacteria, Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria and Phosphate Solubilizers.
  • MA or Micro Algae are natural and extremely efficient Nitrogen Fixers such as Chroococcus Turgidus and Chlamydomonas Spp.

Note : The microorganisms in Agriculture Inputs are safe native organisms and are not imported, genetically engineered or modified

Type Of Nutrients Present


Macro Nutrients – Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash

Secondary Nutrients – Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur

Micro Nutrients – Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese

Plant Growth Hormones. – Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins


Auxins: Induces root formation, prevents leaf and fruit fall
Cytokinins: Stimulates cell division in plants, kindles growth in lateral buds
Gibberellins: Promotes seed germination and flowering, growth of new leaves, young branches and fruits
Amino Acids: Helps in growth
Proteins: Speed up chemical reactions
Micro Nutrients: Essential to photosynthesis, activate many enzymes


Product Key Benefits Application

Kdal Pasi Gel


Gel gets absorbed into the soil immediately thereby enriching the soil, triggering rooting & increasing nutrient uptake.

Dosage: 3 – 10 Kg per acre depending on crop


Usage: The gel is easy to disperse in water.
● Disperse in water and
spray on the soil or
crop or,
● Broadcast after mixing
with sand or manure.

Kdal Pasi Drip


Easily soluble in water. Filtered through specially designed micro filters to avoid choking of pipes and nozzles. Dosage: 5 – 10 litre per acre
Usage: Dissolve in water and use in the irrigation system.

Kdal Pasi Foliar Spray


Biostimulant for plant health. Applied to promote flowering & fruiting and to solve any nutrient deficiencies in the plant Dosage: 2 – 5 ml per litre of water
Usage: Dissolve in water for Foliar Spray

Kdal Pasi Granules


Pure seaweed granules. Granular form is easy to broadcast. Further since it is concentrated a reduced dosage per acre can be used

Dosage: 3 Kg per acre


Usage: Broadcast like a fertilizer over the field before or after irrigation of water.


Kdal Pasi Granules (SI)


Pure seaweed granules made specifically for irrigation. This concentrated form allows for less usage per acre. It can be used for all types of Irrigation and works very well for all fields by dissolving slowly in running water and supplying nutrients to the plants Dosage: 5Kg per acre.


Usage: Comes in a cloth bag to be dipped in Irrigation water .

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