SNAP Natural and Alginate Products Private Limited was set up in September 1978 by first-time entrepreneurs. A project plan to manufacture 150 MT per annum of Sodium Alginate from Sargassum seaweed was prepared.

In May 1979, land was purchased from SIPCOT industrial estate, Ranipet and Production commenced in June 1980.

In 1993 we opened a unit at Thirupullani, Ramanathapuram District (near the sea shore) for collection, procurement and post harvest processing of our main raw material seaweed. Initially the plant produced only textile-grade Sodium Alginate. Over the years, several specialty alginates in different grades were developed such as – Sodium / Calcium /Potassium Alginate for welding electrodes, Ammonium Alginate for rubber latexing, Sodium & Potassium Alginate for food applications, Sodium Alginate & Alginic Acid for for several cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. In 2006 we started manufacturing Carrageenan and its blends for use in various food applications such as Ice cream, Processed meats and Puddings. We also manufacture seaweed extract as  Agricultural Biostimulants and Aquacultural Inputs.

Today, SNAP is the largest processor of Natural Seaweed based products in India.

SNAP was founded with a vision to not only be a market leader in Phycocolloids but also with a strong focus on the environment and its people. The Founding Directors had a core belief that we need to give back to the environment and the community in which we live and operate. Since its inception SNAP has operated with this vision.

SNAP is a zero discharge company with no liquid or solid waste. Alginate processing is extremely water intensive however due to our continuous efforts to reduce water consumption, it has gradually reduced from 2000 litres / kg to 100 litres / kg of production.

SNAP is an equal opportunity employer which has a 50% female workforce and offers equal pay for equal work. We only hire people from the neighboring villages in order to promote livelihood development and provide employment opportunities to our local communities.

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