Our site has a Drug License (License no TN00004553) as per Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and a cGMP license as per WHO standards.

We manufacture Pharmaceutical Grade Alginic Acid & Sodium Alginate for use as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and as Excipients. Alginates have several applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Common Applications of Alginates in Pharmaceuticals

Antacids/ Suspension

Alginate Properties

When Sodium Alginate mixes with stomach acids it forms a raft layer in the stomach which makes a barrier against stomach acid reflux. 

Peptic Ulcer

Alginate Properties

Alginate has wound healing properties which are known to heal stomach ulcers.

Tablet Coating

Alginate Properties

Tablet coating with Sodium Alginate in order to form a gel on the tablet surface during oral administration.

Tablet Disintegration  & Faster Action 

Alginate Properties

Alginate being hydrophilic in nature swells when it comes in contact with stomach fluids. This property aids in tablet disintegration, release of the active ingredients of drugs and faster action of the medicine.

Controlled Release Drug

Alginate Properties

This property of Alginate to form different types of gel can be used for encapsulation giving it the unique property to control the release of the active ingredients in drugs.

Wound Dressing

Alginate Properties

Alginate dressings absorb wound fluid and form gels that provide a dry wound with a physiologically moist environment for better healing. This also allows for ease of changing wound dressing.



We meet the standards as specified by Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP), United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and National Formulary (NF) and can offer these grades as per any of these specifications.

Alginic Acid (IP / BP/ USP / NF)

Appearance Pale white to light yellow
Ash Content NMT 4%
Particle Size Retention on 200 Mesh < or = 5%
Assay of Carboxylic Group 19% – 25%
Microbial Test Complies

Sodium Alginate (IP / BP/ USP / NF)

Appearance Pale white to light yellow
Assay (%) 90.8 % to 106 %
Loss on Drying (%) Max 15%
Sulphated Ash Content (%) 30% to 36 %
Particle Size NLT 85% passes through 100 mesh (150 micron)
Microbial Test Complies
Grades for Sodium Alginate primarily vary by viscosity: 
Viscosity  Grade
Viscosity (10%  W/V solution at 25ºC) 100 – 2000 cps
Viscosity (1%  W/V solution at 25º C) 5 – 35 cps

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