We manufacture Salts of Alginic Acid, Carrageenan, Specialized blends for various food applications and Seaweed extract as Organic Agriculture and Aquaculture Inputs.


Salts of Alginic Acid are produced from Sargassum seaweed (Brown Algae), collected from natural beds. Our seaweed is collected from the seabed at Ramanathapuram by trained deep sea divers. Our site at Tirupallani is engaged in seaweed collection, procurement and post harvest processing of seaweed to ensure highest quality of seaweeds. We manufacture Sodium Alginate, … Continue reading Alginates


Carrageenan is produced from Eucheuma Cottonii (Red Algae), which is cultivated in the sea. We cultivate Red algae using Raft and Monoline technology in the sea. We manufacture Carrageenan and its blends for use in various food applications under the brand name Pecgel. Currently we offer blends for Dairy, Processed meats and other applications such as … Continue reading Carrageenan

Agriculture Inputs

We manufacture seaweed extract as certified Organic Agricultural Inputs. We currently offer products in granular, gel and liquid form used for broadcasting, basal application, foliar spray and drip irrigation. Our products are used countrywide irrespective of type of soil to increase yield and improve quality of harvest in crops such as paddy, banana, grape, mango, … Continue reading Agriculture Inputs

Aquaculture Inputs

We manufacture seaweed extract as Organic Aquaculture Input under the brand name of 06 PLANK 10. We currently offer a product in gel form which is to be mixed with water and broadcasted over the pond. Our product helps in developing healthy, stable plankton bloom for fish and shrimp farming and can also be used as … Continue reading Aquaculture Inputs

Icecream Inputs

We manufacture specialized stabilizer & emulsifier blends for use in the Ice cream Industry. Each component of our products conforms to the FSSAI, JECFA  and food chemicals codex standards. Currently we offer blends for Ice creams, frozen desserts, kulfi (evaporated milk) and ice candy / ice lollies. We also have the capability to customize blends as per Customer … Continue reading Icecream Inputs