Salts of Alginic Acid are produced from Sargassum seaweed (Brown Algae), collected from natural beds. Our seaweed is collected from the seabed at Ramanathapuram by trained deep sea divers. Our site at Tirupallani is engaged in seaweed collection, procurement and post harvest processing of seaweed to ensure highest quality of seaweeds.

We manufacture Sodium Alginate, Potassium Alginate, Calcium Alginate, Ammonium Alginate and Alginic Acid. We have food grade, pharmaceutical grade and industrial grade Alginates which have several applications.

Competitive Advantage

  • India’s first Alginate plant that is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and GMP Certified. We also have a Drug licence to manufacture API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) as per Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940.
  • Consistent Quality: With 40+ years of experience in manufacturing of Alginates, we are able to provide consistent quality.
  • Meet quality standards as specified by Bureau of Indian Standards, Indian Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia and National Formulary.
  • Product Grade Application

    Sodium Alginate; Potassium Alginate


    • Food Grade as per Bureau of Indian Standards and ISI  marked
    • Food Grade as per JECFA (Joint Expert FAO/WHO Committee on Food Additives)
    • INS No. as per FSSAI – Food Additives:
      • INS 401- Sodium Alginate
      • INS 402- Potassium Alginate
      • INS 404- Calcium Alginate
    • Ketchups
    • Sauces
    • RTS Fruit Juices
    • Flavoured Milk
    • Other Food Products as per FSSAI recommendations

    Alginic Acid; Sodium Alginate


    • Alginic Acid -IP, BP, USP, NF and Sodium Alginate – IP, BP, USP NF grades with  Drug Licence No.TN00004553 as per Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940.
    • Both the products have DMF (Drug Master File)
    • Antacid syrup
    • Antacid chewable tablets
    • Sustained release drugs
    • Wound healing creams
    • Dental impression material
    • Face packs

    Sodium Alginate; Calcium Alginate; Potassium Alginate; Ammonium Alginate


    • Industrial Grade
    • Tailor made as per Customer specification