Stabilizing and Emulsifying agents are approved by FSSRs (Food products standards & Food additives) 2011, chapter 3.1.6(1)(INS 412, 407, 401, 466, 477 471).


The formulation of Ice Cream / Frozen desserts vary from customer to customer based on their FAT, SNF (Solid Not Fat) and TS (Total Solid) content. Hence the dosage of stabilizer also varies based on the formulation.

Typical dosage starts at 0.35% and varies according to the fat content.

Directions for use

  • Step 1: Mix Algicream with sugar before addition to ice cream mix
  • Step 2: The ice cream mix should be at a temperature of 40° C or above before adding Algicream
  • Heat ice cream mix to a minimum of 70° C after addition of Algicream

Other Details

Packaging: Sealed food grade pouches of 1Kg. 25 pouches packed in a single HDPE bag
Shelf Life: 2 years from manufacturing date
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place