Snap Natural & Alginate Products Pvt. Ltd.


Established in 1979 in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, India, we are the largest processor of Natural Seaweed based products in India. 

Our Facilities


Our manufacturing activity is spread over two sites, 12 acre manufacturing site at Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, and a 7 acre seaweed processing site at Tirupallani, near the seashore. 

Our Products

We manufacture Pharmaceutical grade, Food grade & Industrial grade Alginates and Food Grade Carrageenan.



Pharmaceutical grade, Food grade & Industrial grade Alginates


Food Grade Kappa Carrageenan and its blends

Agriculture Inputs

Seaweed biostimulant for Agriculture & Aquaculture



We manufacture Alginate from Sargassum (Brown Algae) which we collect from natural beds at Ramanathapuram. Carrageenan is manufactured from Eucheuma Cottonii (Red Algae) which is cultivated in the sea.

Our site at Tirupallani is engaged in seaweed collection, procurement and post harvest processing of seaweed to ensure highest quality of seaweeds.


We are committed to being environment friendly and have achieved Zero Discharge of liquid and solid waste.

We treat our acidic effluent water using microalgae, which is an environmentally safe process and compost our solid waste.



We have state of the art facilities and follow best in class manufacturing practices. We are an ISO 9001/14001/22000 and GMP certified company.

Products manufactured by us meet all national and international quality standards such as FSSAI standards for food grade products and WHO GMP for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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