Products – Aquaculture

Products – Aquaculture


We manufacture seaweed extract as Aquaculture Input under the brand name of 06 PLANK 10.

We currently offer a product in gel form, which can also be used as a feed supplement to enhance the growth rate of fish and shrimp.

Our product helps in developing healthy, stable plankton bloom for fish and shrimp farming.Blooms serve as food for microscopic animals (zooplankton) and form the base of the food chain that supports larger forms of life such as fish and shrimp.

Competitive Advantage

● Seaweed based natural bloom development product for fish/shrimp ponds.
● Economical and effective.
● Reduces / removes unwanted algae growth.
● Improves dissolved Oxygen problem and improves clarity of the water in the pond.

Product Benefits Application

O6 Plank-10


● Develops faster growth of phytoplankton
● Improves productivity of the pond by increasing weight of fish / shrimp
● Reduces problem of pond bottom residue
● Improves dissolved Oxygen problem
● Improves clarity of water in the pond
Dosage: 2.5 Kg to 5 kg per acre
Usage: 2.5 kg of O6 Plank-10 to be mixed with 50 litres of water and broadcasted over pond.

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