Carrageenan is produced from Eucheuma Cottonii (Red Algae), which is cultivated in the sea. We cultivate Red algae using Raft and Monoline technology in the sea.

We manufacture Kappa Carrageenan (INS407a) and for use in various food applications. It is sold under the brand name Pecgel.

Competitive Advantage

Consistent Quality: 25+ years of experience in manufacturing Carrageenan ensuring consistent quality of a natural product.

Unique proprietary technology ensures high quality Carrageenan with excellent gel strength.

Food Standards: The Carrageenan produced by us is as per JECFA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives) Specification.

Common Applications of Carrageenan

Pecgel for Dairy based products

● Improves texture
● Improves mouthfeel
● Improves flavour release
● Controls syneresis
● Helps suspension of solids like cocoa
● Increases yield

As per Food Categories mentioned in FSSAI. For example 1.3.1, 1.7 Flavoured milk, Evaporated milk, Condensed milk, Khoya, Ice cream, Frozen desserts etc.

Pecgel for Processed Meats

● Improves retention of water and marinades thereby enhancing flavour
● Improves texture – end product is more tender making slicing / cutting       easier
● Increases yield
● Enables lower sodium usage and
replaces fat
● Unmolding becomes easier
● Facilitates extrusion and stuffing
● Minimizes shrinkage upon frying

As per Food Categories mentioned in FSSAI.
For Example – 8.2, 9.2.1,9.2.2
Processed Poultry, Meat and Fish products.

Pecgel for other application

● Used to make jelly
● Tailor made as per customer specifications

As per FSSAI/JECFA Rules and Regulations

Kappa Carrageenan (INS407a)

Appearance Light tan to white powder
pH of 1.5% W/V solution at 75 ⁰C 8 – 11
Viscosity of 1.5% W/V solution at 75 ⁰C Min 5 cps
Gel Strength Min 400 gram / cm²
Particle size Retention on 100 Mesh < or = 1%
Moisture (%) Max 12%
Microbial Test Complies

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