Grade: FS180

Stabilizer System for Food Category Fruit based drinks, pulp, purees, fruit toppings.

Algithik FS180


All components are vegetarian and of non-animal origin.

Sodium Alginate (INS 401) Standardized with approved food additives

USED IN Fruit preparations, including pulp, purees, fruit toppings and coconut milk & Fruit based desserts; including fruit flavoured water- based desserts.
BENEFITS ● Improves viscosity
● Reduces separation & sedimentation
● Retards ice crystallization.
● Enhance mouth feel and taste
● Imparts uniform colour and flavour release
DOSAGE As per GMP. Typical dosage guideline is given below. For 100 litres of mix use 200 – 300 gram of Algithik FS180
DIRECTIONS FOR USE ● Step 1: Mix Algithik FS180 with sugar before addition to mix
● Step 2: Continue as per normal procedure.
OTHER DETAILS ● Packaging: 25 Kgs packed in an HDPE bag with 2 food grade polypropylene liners.
● Shelf Life: 2 years from manufacturing date
● Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

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